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                      2. Tel:0757-83307031




                        Add:Ji Hua West Road Chancheng Foshan

                        Your present position:About us >Talents
                                Talent is the company's greatest resource, talent is the core of the capital, talent is the company's most valuable asset. We firmly believe that top talent is the basis for creating first-class enterprise!
                        Our Talent is based on Germany as the first, in order to be able to re -
                        To Germany for the first: identify Ottmar values are most important prerequisite for our selection. We choose to reward employees, German word first.
                        In order to be able to re: make the best use for staff security of their staff and do their best.
                                The selection of talent, use, maintain fair, just and open, with "incompatible race horses, everyone is a talent" as the norm, Recruitment excellence to the success of our talents to open the door and never closed.
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